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It doesn't matter if you believe global warming is real or not, the truth is we only have one Earth.  Why not try to keep it as clean and healthy as possible?  We can all do our part.  At Memphis Collision, we have taken several measures to ensure we are leaving as small an imprint on Earth as possible.  Below are some of the ways we are doing our part.  You can do your part by choosing a collision repair shop that is making an effort to be more green.  Choose Memphis Collision for all your collision repair needs. 

Paint System

One step we have taken to help protect our planet is switching to waterborne paint products from PPG.  This is a substantial investment Memphis Collision is making that will not only benefit Earth, but also you, the consumer.  Waterborne paint systems offer consumers a high quality finish with substantially less harmful ozone depleting emissions, up to 90% less.  When compared to solvent based paints, waterborne paint also goes further per ounce, therefore reducing the amount of hazardous waste created.


In addition to the benefits to Earth, the consumer also benefits from waterborne paints.  Waterborne paint is used by 70% of all car manufactures including BMW, Mercedes and Acura.  Additionally, Maybach and Rolls Royce are hand sprayed at the factory with waterborne paint.  The use of waterborne paint by these ultra-luxury car manufactures is a testament to the quality of this technology and the confidence these companies have in waterborne paint.  Why would you want anything else on your vehicle?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.....Every little bit helps.

We can all help.  Do your part, choose Memphis Collision for all your collision repair needs. 

We only have one Earth.... Let's keep it clean!

Want to Save the World?

So do we.... Here is what we are doing to help.